Zerlion low-pressure screw air compressor has played a full role in the power industry

High reliability, ultra-low noise, energy saving, reducing production costs, and reducing carbon emissions. Whether it is a new investment or replacement of the existing screw air compressor, the exhaust pressure is 0.7-0.8 MPa, the low-pressure screw compressor will save more than 30% of the electricity cost, and the saved electricity cost will reduce the investment cost. More than a year. The sky series screw compressor host with high efficiency and 0.3MPa exhaust pressure is specially designed. At the same time, we specially designed super large oil separator and oil separator to ensure that the oil consumption is less than 2ppm. Select energy-saving series low-pressure screw compressors, select world-class screw compressors, select low oil consumption, low noise, five-year host maintenance and high reliability, and more importantly, choose to save at least 30% of electricity. Next is the detailed analysis of low-pressure screw air compressor in power industry.

1. Compact air system for controlling appearance:

The operation of thermal power units requires a lot of control appearance to support operation. These actions are controlled by tightening the air. The pressure used to manipulate the appearance is usually 0.650 70 Mpa。 Generally, 2300mw thermal power can be determined according to the capacity of thermal power generating units.

The amount of compressed air used for appearance is 40 units. Considering that the demand for compressed air is sometimes large and sometimes small in the process of selecting two units for thermal power units. When the gas consumption is less than 20 m3 / min. At the same time, the 20 m3 / min screw air compressor will be actively parked. In other words, the extraordinary need to tighten air cannot be followed at any time.

The quality grade of external compressed air ISO / dp8573 / 188 is usually 2-3-2, i.e. solid particle grade 2, water content grade 3 and oil content grade 2.

2. Compact air system for plant miscellaneous:

Like cleaning pipes. Generally, the size of gas consumption is also based on the size of power plant schemes and their use, such as 2300mw thermal power units. The maximum air volume for various compressed air in the factory is usually two screws of 20 m3 / min, because the compressed air is used to clean the pipeline or repair the air supply of the machine compressor.

It is used for pneumatic tools, etc. The quality of compressed air is not high. Therefore, the miscellaneous compressed air system of the factory is like the external compressed air, which cannot be connected to the air supply. Compressed air does not require a standby machine. According to ISO / dp8573 / 183 standard. The quality requirement is 4-6-5, i.e. solid particle grade 4; Water content 6, oil content 5.

3. Water treatment compressed air system:

The disposal system of hydropower station is usually divided into boiler make-up water treatment system and industrial wastewater treatment system.

3.1 boiler make-up water treatment system

The boiler make-up water treatment system can be roughly attributed to the different water quality of each power plant water source. It can be divided into three types. The better the water quality of each water treatment source, the simpler the water treatment system. There are some pneumatic diaphragm valves and pneumatic appearance between these valves and external system equipment. Complete the action by tightening the air. Generally, tightening air does not use too much air.

But the quality of compressed air is very high. For example, the boiler make-up water treatment system of a power plant requires only one M33 / min air compressor. Two M33 / min were organized to consider spare machines and other components. Air compressor. The requirement of water treatment system for compressed air quality in power plant is to select two-stage oil filter and adsorption dryer. Recommended according to ISO / dp8573 / 188. The quality requirements of compressed air in this system are generally 233, i.e. solid particle level 2, water content level 3 and oil content level 3.

3.2 wastewater treatment system

Wastewater treatment system. Because some compressed air is used for pneumatic equipment. For some equipment, the action is controlled by compressed air. For others, compressed air is used to mix wastewater (some power plants use roots blower to mix wastewater). The amount of compressed air used in this system is different for different wastewater treatment equipment.

4. Compact air system for ash removal:

The ash removal system can be divided into negative pressure ash removal system, positive pressure ash removal system, low positive pressure ash removal system and hydraulic ash removal system according to different pressures. These four ash handling systems. The so-called positive pressure ash removal system requires compact air to remove ash. The method of applying positive pressure on ash conveying pipeline by Kunshan air compressor and bin pump.

Post time: Jan-12-2022