What’s the matter with the automatic start and stop of piston air compressor?

How about buying foreign oil-free piston air compressor? Or domestic oil-free air compressor? With the same number of oil-free exhaust machines, foreign brands are more expensive than tens of thousands in China. Many air compressor customers will choose foreign countries. They think that domestic air compressors are black and color black, which are good abroad. Laser cutting machines. In fact, after such a long time of development, the processing technology and technical level of domestic oil-free screw machines have been upgraded. Cost performance is also very high.

With the development of social production, more and more industrial products need high-quality gas source. Only 100% oil-free compressed air can guarantee the product quality and the company’s reputation. Why do you say so? Imagine if you produce oil contaminated food, will consumers still believe in their brand? Therefore, with the improvement of production requirements, oil-free air compressor will become the development trend in the future. Today, oil-free air compressors are used in many places, such as laboratory air compressors. In order to create a good working environment for laboratory personnel, especially the quality of compressed air is very high. Therefore, oil-free air compressor is also widely used in the industry of 100% oil-free compressed air.

Nowadays, the mainstream of oil-free air compressor is piston oil-free air compressor, water lubricated screw oil-free air compressor and oil-free scroll compressor. Among the three oil-free air compressors, the piston type is cheap, but the exhaust volume is small, and the compressed air quality is not as good as the latter two. We all know that the service life of piston machine is not as long as that of screw machine and air compressor. If the factory needs a large amount of gas, the oil-free screw air compressor is generally used, because the screw air compressor is more durable and has better energy-saving effect.

Some faults will inevitably occur during the use of the air compressor. The air compressor will often encounter the phenomenon of automatic start and stop in its work. Then, what is the matter with the automatic start and stop of the air compressor? How to solve it? Next, the technicians of the air compressor manufacturer will answer this little trouble for you:

1. Electrical part:

If the air compressor stops suddenly during operation, check whether there is a fault prompt first. If there is a fault prompt, check it. If not, continue to start and check the cause. When the air compressor is in use, it is prompted to check whether the air switch and contactor are normal and whether there are focal spots during electric shock. If so, it is recommended to replace them with new ones.

2. Controller:

If the controller has shutdown delay during use, it indicates that the main controller is broken and needs to be replaced. Because no one presses the off switch during operation, the machine cannot display a shutdown delay. Remember that there is no fault prompt at this time. 

3. Fuse:

The air compressor is normal when starting up. During star delta conversion or loading, operation and shutdown, check whether the fuse is blown. Then check whether the motor and head are stuck. At this time, it should be over current shutdown. It is recommended to check the motor and head.

4. Intake valve failure:

The air valve cannot be closed during unloading, but it is still sucking at this time, resulting in high-pressure shutdown.

5. Oil core blockage:

Poor lubricating oil quality and long-term use of lubricating oil may lead to oil blockage. Make the internal pressure of the machine high, inject oil, and stop the machine after the oil is low and the machine is high. Under normal conditions, the pressure difference inside and outside the oil core shall not exceed 1kg.

6. Emergency stop switch failure:

If the emergency stop switch fails, the machine will also stop. If the pressure or temperature sensor of the air compressor is broken, the machine will stop.

Post time: Nov-30-2021