Common causes of normal start-up of piston air compressor

1. If the contactor is not closed, it is mainly due to the electrical aspects of the piston air compressor.

(1) First, check whether the power connection of the piston air compressor is correct, whether the power switch is closed, whether the power fuse is blown, and whether the power voltage reaches more than 90% of the rated voltage.

(2) Check whether all components of the pressure relay in the power supply of the piston air compressor are damaged and whether the given value of the pressure relay is appropriate.

(3) Check whether the working substance in the temperature sensor of the temperature controller of the piston air compressor leaks, whether the components of the controller are damaged, and whether the temperature indication position is properly adjusted.

2. If the contactor is closed and the air compressor cannot be started, motor failure or mechanical failure of the air compressor may occur.

(1) Check whether the phase sequence of the motor connection is correct, and test the motor winding on the African continent with a multimeter to see if there is a short circuit or open circuit.

(2) Check whether the running parts of the air compressor clamp the shaft or block the oil cylinder due to insufficient lubrication or too small clearance. If the shaft clamping or cylinder blockage fails, remove the impurities in the lubricating oil, replace it with a new lubricating oil, and ensure that the oil circuit is unobstructed.

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Causes of failed start-up of piston air compressor

1. The external three machine power supply is cut off or out of phase.

2. The emergency stop button is faulty or the wire is loose.

3. The air compressor is in automatic stop state or the outlet switch is not opened.

4. Transformer fault or line fault.

5. Control panel failure.

6. Starter coil fault or poor contact.

7. There is a problem with the air compressor.

8. The drive belt is broken. How about the high temperature of the air compressor in summer?

9. The power switch trips or the fuse is disconnected.

If the piston air compressor fails to start, the corresponding treatment method:

(1) Check the switch and measure the three-phase voltage.

(2) Check the emergency stop button, open and check whether the wire is loose.

(3) Check whether the outlet pressure is higher than the set value.

(4) Replace the transformer with a new product or reconnect the wires.

(5) Replace the control panel.

(6) Check and maintain the replaced starter or contact.

(7) Troubleshooting.

(8) Install a new belt

(9) After checking the circuit, the switch is restored.

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Post time: Nov-01-2021